Musicians of All Saints - Concerts at Hamsey Church
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Having carried out the most critical work on the church, retiling a substantial portion of the roof, now we are considering how best to go about the other major work required – removing concrete rendering and pointing, repairing stone work and repointing with the correct lime mortar. Not only will this restore the building back to how it was originally constructed, it should also cure ongoing damp problems, allowing us to redecorate. 

As a first step we are investigating what lies under the concrete rendering on the outside of the south wall, and also the remains of wall paintings which are believed to be found on the inside. These investigations will enable us to finalise the scope of the work required.  

Following our WW1 Commemoration last June which raised £1000 we have received some very generous donations and the Fund Raising Account now stands at nearly £22,000. Much more will be needed for the future works, but the funds we are raising will hopefully put us in a good position to obtain grants to cover a substantial portion of the cost.


Church openings 2019


We would like to thank all the volunteers who have enabled the church to be open for visitors this year. It has been very encouraging to see the number of visitors to the church since the regular openings. From January to November there were 262 entries in the visitors book with people coming from as far away as USA and New Zealand! Thank you all for your generous donations. Please come back and bring your friends and do remember to sign the visitors book, even if it is not your first visit!

Booklets and postcards are available for sale and there is a folder containing information on the graveyards and monuments within the church.

Hamsey Church is popular for weddings and baptisms.

To arrange a wedding or baptism please contact the churchwarden via the following link:



Below are events held in 2020



Local artist Keith Pettit held an exhibition at Hamsey church as part of the Lewes Art Wave festival. The exhibition was held over 3 weekends from 5th to the 20th September, 11am to 5 pm.

He is very generously giving a percentage of his proceeds to the Friends which is so kind of him.



Below are events held in 2019


We would like to thank all who came and supported the Open Day at Hamsey Church on 6th July. We are pleased to announce that the sum of £550 was raised and added to the Restoration Fund. 


Below are events held in 2018

We would like to thank all who came and supported the WW1 Commemoration at Hamsey Church on 9th June. We are pleased to announce that the sum of £1,103 was raised and added to the Restoration Fund.


June 8th - Judge Michael Kennedy’s group sang compline.  The group were at the church from 7.00pm for a rehearsal to which anyone was invited and then the Office of Compline commenced at 8.00pm and lasted for about 30 minutes.  After that, the group enjoyed strawberries and a glass of wine. Compline was traditionally the final service of the day and takes the form of beautiful chants sung in Latin. This was a haunting sound in the church on a perfect June evening.


June 10th  at 6.00pm, the first of two summer concerts by the Musicians of All Saints Lewes took place. For further details check out


June 17th, 6.00pm The Second Concert by the Musicians of All Saints Lewes.



Below are events held in 2017

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